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First Hyundai on hydrogen fuel in Belgium.
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The Belgian supermarket chain Colruyt will be the first client in Belgium that will have a car on hydrogen fuel. The  SUV offers a driving range of 500 to 594 km and don't emits CO2, while the drive train comes rom an electric motor with 136 bhp. Filling the hydrogen tank lasts seven minutes. To give other potential clients the opportunity to run on hydrogen there will be a public fuel station in Zaventem that will be operational from 2015.

Hyundai is the first car manufacturer in the world that sells hydrogen cars to private induviduals and companies.

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3D-printed turbocharger.

Episode six of “Inside Koenigsegg” is live online today. The Swedish supercar-maker is touting its latest technology for the new One:1, a 3D-printed turbocharger. Company CEO Christian von Koenigsegg explained the new piece at the Geneva motor show. Koenigsegg came up with the idea a few years ago. The housing is big, meaning the turbine can be driven hard without suffering heat damage. Unfortunately, it doesn't spool up quickly. A small turbine housing would cause the opposite problem. The solution turned out to be a two-housing system, with inner and outer chambers. It can spool up quickly, but can also be pushed at high rpm. That turned out to be a problem for traditional casting methods, but not for a 3D printer, which can print complex designs one layer at a time.

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