Koenigsegg Automotive AB
Koenigsegg Logo
Slogan: Spirit of Performance
Founded: 1994
Founder: Christian von Koenigsegg
Headquarters: Ängelholm, Sweden


Koenigsegg Automotive AB better known as Koenigsegg is a Swedish high-performance sportscar (hypercar) manufacturer.

Koenigsegg is founded in 1994 by Christian von Koenigsegg and is based in Ängelholm, Sweden. 

Christians dream was to build an own supercar and in 2002 the first Koenigsegg was launched.


Current models:

  • Agera
  • Agera R
  • Agera S
  • One:1 (2015)

Historic models:

  • CC8S
  • CCR
  • CCX
  • CCXR
  • Trevita


On 28 Feruary 2005, the CCR broke the Guinness record for the fastest production car in the world, having attained 241.63mph (388.87km/h), breaking the record of the Mclaren F1. The record was held until September 2005 when the Bugatti Veyron broke the record again at 253.81mph (408.47km/h).

The Koenigsegg CCXR holds the power-to-weight ratio record for production cars, with a power-to-weight ratio of 1.3kg/hp (2.9lb/hp).