Zarooq Motors is a United Arab Emirates car manufacturer of high-performance cars, based in Dubai. Zarooq Motors is the first to manufacture the chassis, the car body and to assemble a production series automobile in the UAE. It is also the first car manufacturer with Emirati Management, therefore at the forefront of emiratisation and Dubai diversification in Industry.

Zarooq Brands themselves as "Supercars Born In the Desert", probably alluding to their origins in the UAE, a country known for its love of luxury hypercars and its desert.

Their main focus is performance Supercars with distinct Off-Road capabilities (as the car architecture is similar to a rally raid racing car, despite the fact that it is road legal).

The name was inspired by the Schockari Sand Racer, the fastest snake in the desert.

Current models

  • SandRacer 500 GT
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